Copy Cat
A form activity that promotes positive attitudes and teaches how attitudes and feelings can affect running


  1. You can do Copy Cat standing or jogging in place.
  2. Announce a feeling or attitude (e.g. "tired") and have runners act it out.
  3. Then, announce its opposite (e.g. "energetic") and have runners act out that feeling or attitude.
  4. Continue with a variety of attitudes and feelings such as Tired/Energetic; Tense/Relaxed; Shy/Confident; Angry/Happy; Wild/Controlled; Heavy/Light; and Weak/Strong.
  5. Repeat the exercise throughout the season, asking kids to act out how they feel and then asking them to show you their "ready to run" attitudes.

Performance Points:

  • Discuss and compare the effects of negative and positive attitudes.
  • Remind kids that part of being a great athlete is acting like one confident, energetic, controlled and happy.
  • Have fun with it!

Training Specifics:

When: At the beginning of the running session


Increases awareness of how attitudes can affect running form and cultivates positive attitudes while running, which will lead to happier, more confident runners with better form