The Farmer in the Dell Snack #5


Description: Students move around the circle using the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell" to create their own song about healthy snacks.
Objective: Students will identify a variety of healthy snack foods.
Materials: Noisemakers such as tambourines, bells, etc.


  1. Gather the students into a circle.
  2. Tell them you are going to discuss some healthy foods they can eat for snack.
  3. Ask them what makes a food a healthy choice (foods low in added sugar and fat; foods that give you energy, etc).
  4. Ask them to concentrate and copy your marching beat clockwise around the circle as you sing this song (sung to the tune of "The Farmer and the Dell"). If you supply instruments, invite the students to keep the beat with them.
  5. Give the first example of a healthy snack food by inserting "apples" into the blank.
    I eat _____ for snack.
    I eat _____ for snack.
    Hi-ho the dairy-o,
    I eat _____ for snack.
  6. After singing this verse with the students, go around the circle and ask each student to insert one of their favorite healthy snack foods into the blank as you march and sing the song together.
  7. If a student names a food or drink high in added sugar or fat, gently guide her or him to think of a healthier substitute.
  8. Repeat the verse several times with different foods.
  9. If time permits, switch the movements to tiptoeing, galloping, or hopping.
  10. Quickly review some of the healthy foods mentioned.

Background Information

Healthy ("Go") Snack Foods and Drinks:

pretzels blueberry yogurt
granola bars cucumber slices
rice cakes popcorn (without butter)
trail mix peanut butter
crackers bananas and honey
applesauce carrots with hummus
raspberries corn chips with salsa
celery low-fat milk

Less Healthy ("Slow") Snack Foods and Drinks:

white bread hot dogs
granola bars cucumber slices
whole milk candy
french fries potato chips
cookies doughnuts
soft drinks

Related National Standards

NHES: 1.2.1, 7.2.1
NSPE: 1, 2, 5
NS: NS.K-4.6

Further information about the National Standards can be found here