Stand Up/Sit Down Snack #2


Description: Students change their position from sitting to standing in response to whether they eat certain healthy snack foods.
Objective: Students will recognize a variety of healthy snack foods.


  1. Tell the students to form a large circle and to sit down.
  2. Explain that you are going to review some healthy snack foods they can eat. Quickly review what makes a food healthy (it is low in fat and added sugar and high in nutrients).
  3. Ask them why they think it is important to eat healthy foods most of the time (because their bodies are growing; because food keeps them healthy and makes them strong; because too much fat and sugar can cause weight gain and health problems and slow their bodies down).
  4. Explain that they are going to play "Stand Up/Sit Down."
  5. Tell them you will call out a healthy snack food (see below).
  6. If they occasionally eat this food for snack, they should stand up. For example, you can say, "Yogurt." Explain that everyone who eats yogurt for snack should stand up.
  7. Now some students may be standing and some may be sitting. Explain that if they eat the next snack food called out, they should sit if they are standing and stand if they are sitting.
  8. If they have never eaten the snack food, they should remain in the same position. Continue playing while naming various healthy snack foods from each food grouping.
  9. You can challenge the students by calling the snack foods out faster and faster.
  10. If time permits, ask the students to review some healthy snack foods named.

Activity Variation

Once students get the hang of the game, invite a student to be the new leader in the center. Ensure that she or he calls out healthy options.

Background Information

"Energy"/"Go" foods refer to nutritious foods which give the body the energy to go and grow.

Healthy Snack Foods and Drinks:

pretzels blueberry yogurt
rice cakes cucumber slices
trail mix popcorn (without butter)
applesauce granola bars
raspberries peanut butter crackers
celery bananas and honey
low-fat milk carrots with hummus
water corn chips with salsa

Related National Standards

NHES: 5.5.5, 7.5.1
NSPE: 1, 5
NS: NS.5-8.6

Further information about the National Standards can be found here