7th Grade
The onset of adolescence creates added nutritional needs and is an important time for cementing healthy eating habits. Use Active Eating to prevent harmful and erratic eating habits which are becoming increasingly common among adolescents.

The activities are divided into the following categories:

Studies indicate that kids who eat breakfast concentrate better, have better attendance, are less irritable and fatigued, and have better control of their weight.
School lunches are often rushed and filled with peer pressure and unhealthy or unappealing food. Students often skip lunch or eat only junk food, made easy in 19% of the country's middle school cafeterias that have fast food chains like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, or Subway. Help your students commit to eating a healthy lunch.
Kids that regularly eat dinner with their family are less likely to develop unhealthy eating habits, like skipping meals, or eating disorders, like anorexia. Frequent family meals are also associated with better grades. Encourage your students to play active roles in planning healthy dinners with their families.
Today kids consume a significant amount of calories from snacks and nearly all middle schools have vending machines, school stores, or snack bars where students can purchase unhealthy food and drinks without restriction throughout the day. Encourage your students to make wise decisions about when and what to eat as a snack.
Additional Activities
Supplement your students' knowledge and continue the fun with these additional activities.