About P.E. Lesson Plans

About the Lessons Plans

New York Road Runners collaborated with the childhood education experts at Scholastic Inc. to provide something that we thought was lacking: comprehensive, FREE, P.E. Lesson Plans for elementary teachers who want to help their students make something special from their love of running.

Our Philosophy

A love of running gives children a reason to step away from the computer, get off the couch, and turn off the TV. Kids who enjoy athletic success at a young age are more likely to become lifelong athletes, improving their quality of life and even extending their lifespan. Conversely, students who have not developed their athletic skills by age 12 will probably never reach their full athletic potential. Children age 12 and under enjoy improving their running speed, agility, and balance. They are thrilled to gain in these skill areas, and to feel a sense of achievement.

Running skills are an important foundation for budding athletes who want to participate in distance running, track and field, soccer, basketball, and many other sports.

New York Road Runners' philosophy is that children of all fitness levels can experience the joy of running. Our programs build confidence, foster a healthy lifestyle, and teach kids how to run safely and effectively by learning correct form and pacing. Our goal is for running to be fun, and for kids to enjoy the practice, training, performance, and competition. Our programs are designed to instill technical running skills while kids are having the time of their lives.

Why We Created These Lesson Plans

Running is a key element of many sports, including basketball, football, and soccer, as well as an excellent lifetime activity on its own. The more confident and able kids are at running, the more likely they are to participate in and excel at other sports and physical activities.

Many people assume running is an innate skill when, in fact, proper technique for efficient, injury-free running has many moving pieces and should be taught by a skilled educator. Like all fundamental skills it is best to teach proper technique early on to establish good habits. This curriculum provides best practices for teaching running to elementary school students and offers over 25 activities to engage students in exploring and learning running skills.

A Note About These Lesson Plans

The P.E. Lesson Plans were published in January 2013 as a beta for a more robust set of lesson plan resources. We hope to add lesson plans at the middle and high school levels, as well as  additional material to the elementary school resources.

You can help us make these plans even more robust and beneficial by giving us feedback! Tell us when, where and how you are using the plans, how they are working for you and your students, what you would like to see added, what you didn't need. We will use your feedback to make the plans even better Please contact us or add your comments to our Facebook page. Thank you.


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